28 października 2019

Norwegian Funds in PARP - we invite to the conference on October 30

In the coming days there will be an official start of the "Entrepreneurship Development and Innovations" program under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. We invite you to the conference, which will take place The Heart in Warsaw Spire, European Square 1 on October 30 at 10:00 am.

During the event, you can learn about the possibilities of obtaining support and talk to experts about the conditions for obtaining funding in the competition, which will be announced in autumn 2019.

"Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation" is a program which goal is to improve the competitiveness of Polish small and medium enterprises by supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes, products and services. Financial support will be offered in the form of open competitions in three thematic areas:

-          Innovations in the field of green technologies (green industry innovation);

-          Innovations in the area of sea and inland waters (blue growth);

-          Technologies improving the quality of life (welfare technologies).

Subsidies will cover up to 70% of eligible costs and amount up to PLN 8 million.

In addition, there is a "Scheme of small grants for women" – a separate fund pool that can be applied by companies owned or managed by women.

Project implementation in a partnership with a Norwegian entity will be the factor increasing the chances of obtaining the grant. The conference will be accompanied by a b2b meeting zone - another opportunity to meet partners from Norway and establish cooperation under projects co-financed from Norwegian Funds.​

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