5 maja 2021

“Cluster’s benchmarkings 2020 – the potential of clusters in Poland and Polish-Norwegian cooperation”

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Innovation Norway kindly invite you to take part in a two-day series of on-line events dedicated to Polish and Norwegian clusters.

The meeting will begin with results presentation of the newest survey “Clusters benchmarking 2020” as it is a starting point for a discussion about Polish clusters, its openness and readiness for rapid changes in economic environment, cooperation beyond clusters, as well as taking advantage of new trends, technologies and digital transformation within clusters.

Representatives of clusters will share their experience and present the best practices at domestic and international markets as something worth to be inspired by. The event will be graced with a lecture of special guest professor Christiana Ketelsa (Harvard Business School).

Some matchmaking meetings are also planned. They will be dedicated to Polish and Norwegian clusters. Participation in matchmaking meetings offers an opportunity for networking, making new valuable contacts, sharing experience and consolidating long-term cooperation between Polish and Norwegian partners.

The online meeting will take place on 25th and 26th May 2021, at 9:30 AM to 5 PM. The participation is free of charge. The meeting will be held in Polish and English, the translation will be provided as well.

Everyone interested in taking part in the event is kindly asked to fill the registration form:  https://clusters-cooperation-and-benchmarking.b2match.io/

Please make sure you fill the form till 24th May. The form is available in Polish and English.

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