25 maja 2021

Results of projects assessment in Welfare Technologies grant scheme

14 projects of the 95 submitted under the Welfare Technologies scheme were recommended to be awarded, and 2 of them will be implemented with a Norwegian partner.

The total amount granted to these projects is nearly EUR 14 million. A single entrepreneur could receive up to EUR 2 million for a project in this grant scheme, and the amount of funding in projects could reach a maximum of 70% of eligible project costs.

Half of the awarded projects are related to human health and medical practice activities, and others mostly to residential care for the elderly and disabled. All the projects were required to include the following three elements: 1. Development and commercialization of new or significantly improved products; 2. Cutting-edge technologies on which those products were based; 3. A response to the needs of vulnerable social groups. Development activities included in these projects usually consisted in the creation of new procedures for services already offered in the market, or elaboration of comprehensive health-related services aiming at more holistic approaches to existing treatment methods.

The list of projects recommended for funding is to be found here.

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