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Acceleration Programme: Brinc


Purpose of the financing: Combining the potential of budding creative entrepreneurs with the infrastructure and experience of medium and large enterprises.  

Industries: Material Technologies – Natural and Artificial Polymers, Technological Innovations, Electronics

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The application period opens:

1 January 2019


The application period closes:

31 December 2021

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  • Maximum financing

    250 000 euro

  • Our contribution


  • For whom

    Start-ups, micro and small enterprises

What do you need to know?

  • the Brinc Accelerator is looking for innovative, ambitious creators who are developing new technologies and are capable of building and scaling up capital-efficient IoT enterprises across the world
  • the accelerator is aimed at supporting IoT, Hardware, Smart Home and Smart Plastics projects
  • the objective of the Brinc accelerator project – Brinc Poland is to transfer innovative international projects to Poland while they are still at early stages of development
  • the authors wish to acquire Polish human capital and promote it in the global market
What do you need to know?

What will you gain?

What will you gain?
  • you will be a part of a specialised accelerator with a well-established global IoT brand
  • you will gain the support of a dedicated team with substantial experience in the commercialisation of R&D projects and tremendous managerial skills
  • access to Brinc’s robust educational platform
  • a global network of contacts, partnerships, distribution channels
  • attractive acceleration programme for portfolio companies based on three pillars: education, tools, practical help and a network of operators
  • a huge injection of knowledge and transfer of technology from key academic institutions that fit the fund’s profile
  • taking part in an extensive programme of events:

- “IoT Meetup” – panel meetings with businessmen representing the Internet of Things sector,

- “Hackathons” – meetings in the form of duels aimed at gaining new knowledge and prototyping as efficiently as possible,

- “University Pitch Nights” – meetings with experts to prepare you for pitching your idea to Accelerators and Investment Funds,

  • access to facilities, such as office and laboratory infrastructure
  • support in graphic design, creating names and trademarks
  • support in analysing customer needs
  • support in business modelling
  • support in management and entrepreneurship
  • technical, technological, IT and design support

What requirements do you need to meet?

  • A condition for taking part in the project is submitting an on-line application on the accelerator’s website.
  • Your project needs to at least have a first prototype.

Acceleration will have the projects reaching the following milestones:

  • Milestone I: proving the functionality and verifying the concept or theory
  • Milestone II: a functioning MVP – offering minimal functionality to enable project implementation
  • Milestone III: project or technology validation in market conditions or product launch
What requirements do you need to meet?

How much can you receive?

You can receive up to

PLN 250,000

You can receive up to 100% of the project’s eligible costs, i.e. no own contribution is required.

Total amount of funds allocated to project financing

A single project can receive:

PLN 200,000 – financial support, PLN 50,000 – support in the form of services