4 marca 2021

EUR 60 million from Norway grants for 90 companies

PARP announces the results of project assessment under the "Business Development and Innovation" programme in two of the four grant schemes. As many as 78 projects will receive grants in the total amount of almost EUR 50 million under the Green Industry Innovation grant scheme. 12 projects will be granted a total of EUR 10 million under the Blue Growth scheme.

The aim of the programme is to improve the competitiveness of Polish small and medium-sized enterprises by supporting the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes, products and services. The programme is also intended to strengthen cooperation between companies from Poland and Norway, and it is implemented in cooperation with the Donor Programme Partner - Innovation Norway agency Financial support is offered for innovations in three thematic areas: green technologies, technologies related to marine and inland waters, and welfare technologies improving the quality of life of vulnerable social groups. In addition, a separate pool of funds has been provided for female companies implementing projects in any of the above-mentioned areas.

– This programme is another successful step on the way to strengthening the competitiveness of Polish enterprises. Entrepreneurs have fully used the budget in the two environment-friendly grant schemes - says Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Technology.

–  The issues of the impact of our economy on the natural environment largely determine the competitiveness of companies and the success of projects. An important role is played by increasingly demanding environmental regulations and expectations from consumers, which result from the growing environmental awareness of the society. When companies think about development, they cannot ignore environmental issues - adds Jarosław Gowin.

Under the Green Industry Innovation grant scheme, 219 applications were submitted, 78 of which will receive grants amounting to a total of almost EUR 50 million - that is the entire available budget. – A single entrepreneur could receive up to EUR 1 million for a project in the Green Industry Innovation grant scheme. As we can see from the number of submitted applications, the interest of entrepreneurs was considerable. We are not surprised, because it is a great opportunity to stimulate the company's innovation. The special importance of the programme is also determined by its pro-ecological orientation - says Waldemar Buda, Deputy Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy. The awarded projects are mainly investments in the broadly understood industrial manufacturing, and in the waste processing industry. Support under the scheme was offered to development and investment projects which aimed to increase the competitiveness of the companies, at the same time limiting their negative impact on the environment.

All the projects recommended for funding will significantly contribute to achieving a higher level of environmental protection. The estimated reduction in CO2 emissions will reach over 95 thousand tonnes, the amount of waste from production and operation of enterprises that will not be produced, or will be processed or recovered, will be reduced by over 140 thousand tonnes. Thanks to measures increasing energy efficiency, the estimated reduction in annual electricity consumption will amount to almost 141 GWh.

Norway is known for caring for the environment and promoting an ecological lifestyle. Norwegians specialize in  waste recovery and processing, as well as obtaining energy from renewable sources. Among the projects recommended for funding, 30 per cent will be implemented jointly with businesses and organisations from Norway. – “This programme aims to stimulate green innovation and business development, and to strengthen the competitiveness of Polish companies in an environmentally sustainable economy. Among the projects [recommended for funding] there are also a number of initiatives that will be implemented in partnership between Polish and Norwegian companies and research institutions. I hope it will be the beginning of a long-term and fruitful cooperation" - adds Anders Eide, Norwegian Ambassador to Poland.

In the Blue growth grant scheme, PARP received 28 applications. Of these, 12 were recommended for funding for a total amount of almost EUR 10 million which fully covers the budget available under the grant scheme. The awarded projects mostly concern investments in the development of small ports and marinas, low-emission tourist transport in lake areas, and the production of eco-friendly vessels. 

– Poland belongs to a dozen countries that have been given the opportunity to implement support programmes financed by the Norwegian government and the governments of EEA countries. We feel that PARP being entrusted with this task stands for a unique privilege and a challenge that will ultimately strengthen the SME sector in our country even more - adds Marcin Czyża, Deputy President of PARP.

The funding in projects could reach a maximum of 70% of eligible project costs. The proposed solutions had to be new at least for the company that submitted the application. However, PARP encouraged submission of projects at a higher level of innovation, e.g. innovative solutions on the market scale.

Find out about the list of projects recommended for funding in:

For more information visit: www.parp.gov.pl/funduszenorweskie and www.eog.gov.pl.

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the EEA Financial Mechanism are a form of non-repayable foreign aid granted to several countries of Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic States. The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the so-called EEA and Norway Grants in Poland - as the National Focal Point. It cooperates with the Financial Mechanism Office in Brussels. The individual programmes of the third edition of Grants are implemented by Polish public institutions as Programme Operators (including PARP). The exceptions are, as in previous editions of Grants, the areas "Civil society" and "Social dialogue - decent work" which are managed by donors (respectively by the Financial Mechanism Office in Brussels and Innovation Norway).


The euro exchange rate applicable for calculations under the Programme is the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on the day of announcing the competition: EUR 1 = PLN 4.2928.

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