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Acceleration Programme: IDEA Global


Purpose of financing: Combining the potential of budding creative entrepreneurs with the infrastructure and experience of medium and large enterprises.

Industries: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Fintech, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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The application period opens:

28 February 2019


The application period closes:

31 October 2020

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  • Maximum financing

    250 000 euro

  • Our contribution


  • For whom

    Start-ups, micro and small enterprises

What do you need to know?

  • Acceleration lasting up to 6 months
  • Project development financing of up to PLN 200,000, based on a jointly drawn up milestone map
  • Expert services worth up to PLN 50,000, tailored to the needs of the start-up
  • Access to experts from the following industries: Biotechnology, Fintech and IoT/IT, along with individual consultations for start-ups
  • Close cooperation with Technology Recipients participating in the programme
What do you need to know?

What will you gain?

What will you gain?
  • Mentor support and workshops
  • Expert services worth up to PLN 50,000, tailored to the needs of the start-up
  • Opportunity to test your solutions with Technology Recipients

What requirements do you need to meet?

The “IDEA Global Accelerator” is aimed at entities that:

  • meet the definition of an Applicant – this should be interpreted as a natural person or an entity submitting the Application. In order to be eligible for the Programme as a Final Beneficiary, the Applicant will be obliged to meet all the conditions specified in detail in the Grant Contract, not later than on the date of signing the Grant Contract
  • conduct a registered business in the Republic of Poland,
  • are micro or small enterprises and operate as a capital company, have not been listed on the stock exchange for up to five years following their registration, have not paid dividends on their profits, and have not been formed through a merger,
  • have no capital or personal ties to the Accelerator or the TR participating in the Project,
  • hold the right to administer the innovative business idea, solution, programme or other project submitted for the Programme,
  • have an innovative idea in the major industry paths: Fintech, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (non-obligatory criterion),
  • the scope of specialisation fields can be expanded in the case of attracting Technology Recipients from additional industries.
What requirements do you need to meet?

How much can you receive?

You can receive up to

PLN 250,000

You can receive up to 100% of the project’s eligible costs, i.e. no own contribution is required.

Total amount of funds allocated to project financing

A single project can receive:

PLN 200,000 – financial support, PLN 50,000 – support in the form of services