Autorzy: Eryk Rutkowski, Jakub Marszałkowski, Sławomir Biedermann

The game industry of Poland

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2020

Język: EN


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This report contains a presentation of over 150 profiles of Polish companies from the gaming industry. „Computer games, or more specifically, computer game development, often abbreviated to gamedev, is a relatively new and most dynamically developing creative industry. (…)The following publication is to outline the profile of the Polish game development industry, its history, potential, and strengths. Our ambition is to convince the public that the Polish game sector is not only about AAA productions (a term that means games with the highest production and promotion budgets - editorial note) which have been highly successful on the global scene in recent years (…)”.

Małgorzata Oleszczuk, President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Spis treści

  • Overview of the gaming
  • A game has to stir up emotions. Success story of 11 bit studios 
  • Global game market growth estimates and drivers 
  • To diversify the portfolio and not limit yourself to specific genres. Success story of All in! Games 
  • Export 
  • More than ‘The Witcher’. Success story of CD PROJEKT RED 
  • Industry structure 
  • How to succeed managing a group of 160 developer teams? Success story of PlayWay 
  • Specialisations and strengths of Polish game production 
  • An independent business. Success story of Techland 
  • In the quest for the first Polish computer game 
  • From 10 square metres to 250 employees. Success story of Ten Square Games 
  • Companies catalogue

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