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Poland Prize

Poland Prize

About Project

Poland Prize is a programme inviting foreign startups to start activity in Poland. Its objective is to effectively attract and adopt foreign technology and business culture into the Polish startup ecosystem. The programme combines the idea of soft landing and acceleration for startups and puts a special emphasis on preparing foreign entrepreneurs to operate in Poland and on their further development.

About Project

Poland Prize is a package of benefits

  • grants up to PLN 300,000 (ca. EUR 66,000);
  • soft landing: dedicated visa pathway, assistance of a concierge in official, banking and settlement-related matters;
  • individual development & acceleration plan;
  • legal, consulting, design & mentoring services;
  • specialized technology consultancy, MVP development & testing;
  • acceleration & post-acceleration with corporates, MSCs, SMEs, public bodies, etc;
  • support & investments from VC Funds / Investors;
  • sharing network of door-opening contacts.

Acceleration paths

POLAND PRIZE programme is divided into 2 stages.

Stage 1 covers:

  • Soft-landing – dedicated visa pathway, assistance of a concierge in official, banking and settlement-related matters,
  • Development – a custom-made Individual Development Plan aimed at enabling the startup to get ready to start business operation in Poland, providing suport in the areas of team building, upskilling, local business conections & networking, legal & business culture background, customer & product development, promotion and matchmaking with a business partner: a corporate tech seeker or an investor.

Stage 1 offers a grant up to PLN 50,000 (ca EUR 11,000) and can take up to 3 months.

Stage 2 is dedicated to startups which have established a documented cooperation with a business partner for further acceleration process.

Stage 2 covers:

  • Acceleration – a custom-made Individual Acceleration Plan aimed at adopting, testing and pilot implementation of the solution with the dedicated tech seeker or, alternatively, fundraising from the matched inwestor.
  • Post-acceleration – activities and services aimed at maximizing the results of the acceleration programme.

Stage 2 offers a grant up to PLN 250,000 (ca EUR 55,000) and can take up to between 6 and 10 months depending on the operator and the chosen programme.

Applications for the programme

Poland Prize is conducted by selected operators specialised in various sectors and based in the key Polish startup city ecosystems, including Warsaw (Warszawa), Cracow (Kraków), Gdańsk, Łodź, Rzeszów, Kielce,Lublin, Poznań. Recruiting takes place through applications forms available on their dedicated websites & landing pages.

Each accelerator will run at least 2 rounds of the programme.

Acceleration paths

Program Poland Prize

Program Poland Prize

We are pleased to inform that current  edition of the Poland Prize Programme has been hugely popular since the launch of the calls for applications in 2021.

Last year alone, the accelerators working with PARP carried out nine calls for startups from all over the world, receiving nearly 1,400 applications from teams interested in establishing operations in Poland. Following careful selection conducted by the accelerators, by the end of 2021 a total of 23 newly registered companies had concluded grant agreements, receiving expert support, access to corporate partners and cash grants of up to PLN 300,000.  More teams selected to participate in the programme are just starting up in Poland.

How to apply?

How to apply?
  • First, take a closer look and read carefully the program pages of each of the selected accelerators (program operators) listed on this page below. Check each one’s verticals and tech scouting areas, and then study the published and dynamically updated tech challenges and needs of their business partners, tech seekers and investors.  
  • The accelerators are located in Poland’s major startup hubs including: Warszawa (Warsaw, Varsovia), Kraków (Cracow), Gdańsk (Tricity), Wrocław, Łódź (Lodz), Kielce, Lublin & Rzeszów. Each one publish and follow their own selections rules and criteria..
  • Once you have selected the matching accelerator, use their website and dedicated application form(s) to apply. Before applying make sure you have checked and meet their selection criteria.    

Applications for the programme

Poland Prize is conducted by experienced operators specialised in various sectors. Recruiting takes place through forms applicable on their websites: