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Acceleration Programmes

Short info

  • Maximum financing

    PLN 250,000

  • Project value (eligible costs)

    ~ PLN 130,000,000

  • Own contribution


  • Project location


  • Project territorial scope

    Poland and other countries

  • For whom

    Micro and small enterprises


Purpose of the financing: Combining the potential of budding creative entrepreneurs with the infrastructure and experience of medium and large enterprises.

At least 400 start-ups are expected to take advantage of the opportunity to bring their innovative products up to a level that will allow them to test their solutions in cooperation with corporate partners. The participants will gain access to an enterprise’s knowledge, physical infrastructure, and sales channels. The programme’s main objective is to increase the survivability of start-ups, while allowing them to bring a product to market and win a crucial contract.

What can you finance?

  • Conducting business experiments, examining research hypotheses and testing products and technologies.
  • Implementing pilot projects in cooperation with large enterprises or members of their ecosystem.
  • Mentoring and consulting services.
  • Access to top experts (specialising in various fields of technological expertise, as well as in law or business).
  • Participation in training courses and workshops.
  • Networking activities that connect start-ups with large and medium enterprises (potential recipients of their technologies and products).
  • Analysis of contracts (e.g. investment, partnership or licence contracts) and company valuation.
  • Developing a model for cooperation between the start-up and the technology recipient.
  • Access to research infrastructure and experts.
  • Analysis of intellectual property, consultations on IP protection.

What else will you gain?

  • Opportunity to attract enterprises to be your strategic lead customers and/or users.
  • Opportunity to present your project at national and international events.
  • Opportunity to attract additional investors from among reputable VC funds.
  • Letter of reference from a large customer with potential for further cooperation.
  • Opportunity to promote your project
What can you finance?

Who is eligible for the financing?

Who is eligible for the financing?

A legal entity conducting business in the Republic of Poland as a capital company that:

  • is classified as a micro-enterprise or a small enterprise,
  • has no capital or personal ties to the programme operator,
  • has not been listed on the stock exchange for up to 5 years following its registration and has not paid dividends on its profits and has not been formed through a merger.

Natural persons not conducting economic activity and entrepreneurs conducting economic activity in forms other than those mentioned above can be conditionally eligible for an acceleration programme, provided that they meet the aforementioned requirements by the signing date of the contract.

How much can you receive?

You can receive up to

PLN 250,000

You can receive up to 100% of the project’s eligible costs, i.e. no own contribution is required.

Total amount of funds allocated to project financing

You can receive up to PLN 250,000, of which:

- up to PLN 200,000 is funding allocated to the project, to be spent on developing your technology and preparing it for implementation,

- up to PLN 50,000 is allocated to legal, accounting and consulting services.

The grant is settled based on milestones specified by the accelerators.


The new edition of Scale Up is run by 10 programme operators. Their task is to accelerate the development of Polish start-ups through such measures as having their solutions tested by medium and large companies, thereby scaling up their operations. More information can be found in “Terms and conditions for participating in the acceleration programme”, available from the programme operators: